About us

We are changing the way digital media is bought and sold.

We believe that site and app publishers should earn a fairer share of their ad sales. This can only be achieved with market transparency and working with high quality advertisers and brands.

We believe that a good user experience is essential for effective advertising. We believe advertisers can reach and inform targeted audiences without destroying the online user experience.

Our mission is to create a better relationship between publisher, advertiser and end-user. We work with agencies, publishers and end-users as equal partners, to make the industry effective, efficient and ethical.


AdUnity combines engineering excellence with a strong belief in doing things professionally and ethically. Our beliefs influence the type of tools we develop for Publishers and Advertisers and define how we operate as a business.

We work on the basis of a five-point ethical framework that aims at making the programmatic ad market transparent, fair, effective and efficient. All this is based on our three fundamental driving principles: trust, transparency and technology.

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London office:

20 East Road, London N1 6AD UK

Bucharest office:

Robescu nr 11, Sector 3, Bucharest, Romania