We only work with trustworthy and quality advertisers and brands who want premium audiences and ad inventory.
Our state-of-the-art technology constantly compares revenue performance of each ad buyer to make sure our publishers earn as much as possible.
There does not have to be a choice between being ethical and earning the best market prices from your ad inventory. Work with the only ethical programmatic ad platform in Europe.

AdUnity is the only ethical ad platform in Europe. We focus on making ethical advertising revenue for publishers, including charities. Our Sell Side Platform (AU-SSP) is for large scale publishers with multiple apps and sites. Our ad exchange, called AUX, is for publishers who would like a quick and easy way to earn ad revenue while always protecting their brand.
AUX works on any device with any ad formats, including video and rich media

AUX works with all devices and all types of ad formats. You simply choose the formats you want to use and the system does the rest. There is a short four step set-up to start earning on your apps and sites. AUX is the simplest way to use our technology.

AU-SSP is a real-time trading and inventory management platform for programmatic sales and campaign management teams

AU-SSP is an advanced technology platform for professional sales and ad operations. It includes a fully transparent auction engine, user configurable PMP, a built-in DMP and a super-fast loading ad server, so you can run your own campaigns.

About us

We are changing the way digital media is bought and sold.

We believe that site and app publishers should earn a fairer share of their ad sales. This can only be achieved with market transparency and working with high quality advertisers and brands.

We believe that a good user experience is essential for effective advertising. We believe advertisers can reach and inform targeted audiences without destroying the online user experience.

Our mission is to create a better relationship between publisher, advertiser and end-user. We work with agencies, publishers and end-users as equal partners, to make the industry effective, efficient and ethical.


AUX is the only ethical ad exchange for premium buyers and sellers.

Who is AUX for?

AUX is designed for mobile app and PC site publishers who really care about the type of ads that run on their site but also want to earn as much revenue as possible from advertising. AUX can also be used by large publishers where they require an open market solution to supplement direct sales activity or where they have geos not covered by their sales team.

AUX is easy to set up and manage. Ideal for all kinds of Publishers or Advertisers.

The Challenges We Solve with AUX

The challenge for all publishers is to simultaneously know how much ad revenue can be earnt, earn it and do this without destroying user experience with too many or with low quality ads. This is not a simple task because digital ad space is constantly evolving. Ad platforms, ad formats and even trading rules are constantly changing, but most importantly ad inventory is growing faster that ad budgets. These are tough challenges for the largest of publishers, let alone small and medium sized businesses.

AUX provides the best open market price for inventory at any given time for long-term revenue performance. We can do this because:

  • We only work with high quality and trusted brands.

    We are connected to thousands of potential advertisers, but we select only those advertisers that meet the highest quality standards. Our systems are constantly checking to make sure undesirable ads do not get through.

  • We handle all types of ad format.

    We can select the ad format that is selling best for any given page impression, because our system can handle all standard and most non-standard format types.

  • We are constantly comparing the performance of media buyers.

    In particular we look at what type of audience they are targeting. We then programmatically adjust pricing and supply of media to maximise revenue.

  • We do not always run ads.

    If the price for a specific audience and type of ad is low there is no point running the ad as it depresses the price in the long run. Agency buying platforms are now very sophisticated and can work out the best route to buying ad space. They can wait until the price is depressed and then buy at a lower price. This is one of the main ways agency buying platforms can achieve such low prices from publishers.

  • We are constantly improving the technology behind AUX.

    To be effective in the real world an ad exchange needs to adapt with the market and follow where ad budgets are most lucrative. New formats or technologies arrive and have a moment of popularity with agencies and advertisers, until the next big thing arrives.

  • Advanced targeting for Advertisers, HTML5 ad formats, standard, video, native

    Buyers can be assured that their messages will be safe through our inventory and always have their ads displayed with the highest viewability percentages. All kind of formats, from standard to HTML5 advanced rich media.

A trusted and transparent SSP for publisher revenue autonomy

Who is AU-SSP for?

AdUnity has created a powerful and fully transparent Sell Side Platform for app or site publishing businesses that manage their own direct sales, or for sales houses that manage sales on their clients’ sites and networks. AU-SSP is for those businesses who realise that to maximise revenue in the long run means using a pure-play publisher focused ad technology provider that is transparent and is able to protect against first-party data leakage.

Our SSP offers sales and campaign management teams the latest programmatic sales and inventory management tools.

The Challenges We Solve with AU-SSP

In the world of programmatic trading sales objectives are now more complex because there is no longer a given set of static ad inventory. Ad placements and formats can change from page impression to page impression depending on the end user and available data for buyers. Effective sales teams now need to think strategically to manage the packaging, volume, format type, associated data and pricing of ad inventory. This is the only way to maximise ad revenue and it is no simple task!

This challenge can be broken down into four key objectives: retain and support existing buyers; encouraging new buyers to test/buy the inventory; manage yields for long-term growth; and protect and exploit first-party data. AdUnity’s SSP has the technology to deliver each one.

  • Retaining and supporting existing direct buyers

    Retaining and supporting existing direct buyers is usually about how guaranteed inventory is sold. Guaranteed inventory always commands a premium and is the most valuable segment of inventory. AdUnity recommends using PMP and Private Deals for guaranteed inventory. With PMP and Private Deals, the publisher (or advertiser/agency) can create audience segments and set up campaign parameters, such as frequency and rotation. AU-SSP automatically forecasts available ad impressions for these segments during the campaign timeframe. The price is agreed between the publisher and advertiser in advance. AU-SSP then makes sure the campaign is fully delivered using the built-in ad server while managing yield across all inventory.

    Existing buyers may also be interested in buying opportunistically and want non-guaranteed inventory. Instead of a publisher pushing all unsold inventory to the open market, we again recommend use of a PMP. PMP’s can also be used to make it easy for new buyers to test the inventory..

  • Encouraging new buyers to test/buy the inventory

    Encouraging new buyers to test/buy the inventory will usually happen in the open market via AUX, which comes built into AU-SSP. A publisher can select a certain portion of inventory to be made available in AUX for new buyers to test. AU-SSP also supports Deal ID, so certain audience segments can be flagged, if new buyers have expressed an interest in a certain segment in advance. AdUnity actively encourages new buyers to first try the inventory on AUX. We are in constant communication with agencies and advertisers explaining the benefits of building strong relationships with our publisher clients.

  • Managing yields for long-term growth

    Managing yields for long-term growth is difficult as it means balancing the trade-off between price points, impression volumes and formats employed. However, the main market challenge facing publishers is that there is no shortage of inventory. Therefore it is important to control the volume of impressions made available in the open market as buying platforms will quickly recognise any surplus of inventory. Fortunately, our Yield Engine takes a long-term view and actively manages volume and type of impressions available to AUX in order to maintain price points and revenues over time.

  • Protecting and exploiting first-party data

    Protecting and exploiting first-party data can be achieved in several ways. The reality is that in the programmatic world data is needed for any sale to happen. The irony, is that publishers often have the best data, but do not know how to use it. There are three fundamental data strategies to employ. Firstly, only use a pure-play publisher ad platform to trade (such as AdUnity), otherwise the advertisers will automatically gather data on all your users’ activity whether they buy media or not. Secondly, actively package audience data with Programmatic Direct and PMP offers. Thirdly, allow AdUnity’s Yield Engine to programmatically manage bid requests in the open market so that there never appears to be a big surplus of inventory for an extended period.

Ethical media for charities.

Specialist digital fundraising tools.

Digital Advertising for Charities

We have specialist fundraising and advertising services that are only available to charities. This means we run special digital fundraising or campaigning ads for charities on leading UK websites (including mobile sites). We work with a growing number of the UK’s most respected publishers to provide special charity only deals for digital advertising placements. AdUnity is trusted by publishers because they know that we will only carry charity ads and that there is no conflict with their existing commercial clients.

As part of our service we provide much more detailed reporting and transparency than traditional media agencies. Our near-real-time reporting dashboard is offered to charities free of charge when campaigns are run with us. The dashboard includes campaign performance metrics (e.g. impressions and clicks) and financial performance metrics (e.g. funds raised), fundraising ROI and donations breakdown by type.

Unlike other media, technology companies we work to a strict ethical framework. No hidden cross-subsidies, no agency rebates, no use of third-party technology companies that don’t pay their taxes.

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